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When Fin the fiddler isn’t out doing some exciting dive, cross-country (3,000 mile) bike ride or countin’ mayflies, or ice fishing... or walking his dog, he’s occasionally online. 

Write him here if you’re interested in us playing for your next event.  Fin likes to be fed and drinks really, really good beer.  If those two incentives are added in your offer, he’ll probably get back to you pretty quick. 

Cast for Fin the fiddler here.  

Saturday, June 21st

Hennepin County Fair

Corcoran Lion’s Park

7205 Cty Rd 101 (where it intersects with Cty Rd 10)

Performances from 4 - 6P

FREE to the public!!

Friday, June 27th

Bluegrass Americana Weekend Square Dance!

Central Park - Rosemount, MN 

Performance from 7 - 9P

FREE to the public!!

Thursday, July 24th

Scott County Fair Grounds

7151 W 190th St.

Jordan, MN 

Performance from 4 - 6P

FREE to the public!!

Wednesday, August 6th

Kandiyohi County Fair Grounds

907 7th St NW

Willmar, MN 

Performance from 2 - 4P

FREE to the public!!

Saturday, September 13th

Valley Natural Foods Farmer’s Market!

13750 Cty Rd 11

Burnsville, MN 

Performance from Noon to 3P

FREE to the public!!

Saturday, October 11th

Chosen Bean Concert!

Chatfield Performing Center for the Arts

Chatfield, MN 

More at:

Saturday, October 4th

Oktoberfest in Montgomery!

Montgomery, MN 

Private performance

And if you can’t reach Fin, or just want to write an email to someone else with a fish name, contact Gill.  His preferences in beer are higher than Fin’s, but he’s also pretty easy goin’... comes with age, I guess. Drop yer guppie for Gill here.  

We may be old, but we are mobile. And every now and then we do like to get outa town (or across town), if invited. We love playing in backyards, basements, barns, garages, we’ve even played a farmer’s market outa the back of truck!

In fact, if you’re lookin’ to have a fun event and need some real music, call us. We know people! And if’n they’re busy, we’ll come play for ya (for a small fee, of course).